Fields of expertise

Technical Documentation

The engineering market is highly fragmented and ambitious. Traditionally, the industry is one of the most important in the world and enjoys a high reputation as such. Technical expertise, creativity and a sense of social and environmental responsibility are combined in technical documentation. Professional translations of complex technical texts are therefore not only handed over to native speakers, but also to qualified specialists from the respective industry. A large number of corporations already rely on technical translations made by Eurotradus. We mainly localise product and process documentation, such as user manuals, user guides, operating instructions, product catalogues or food labels.

Information Technology & Multimedia

Digital communication needs more than just sophisticated programming languages and binary codes. The high degree of innovation in the digital economy must be supported by accurate translation and localisation. This means not only meeting the high expectations of internet users, but also addressing customers in the right way. For many years, we have been supporting players in the global IT industry with the implementation of multilingual online services for electronic end products providing user interface (UI) and user assistance (UA) localisation.

Life Sciences

Translations for the medical and pharmaceutical industries are among the most sensitive. Whether operating instructions for medical devices, package leaflets for medicines or hygiene instructions, language projects of this kind must be error-free to eliminate any risks for patients and users. Medical translations require a high level of professional competence, qualification and accuracy. Additional quality controls are indispensable – we perform them for every translation and localisation task. For more details, please refer to our Quality Management.

Marketing & Market Research

Websites, advertising brochures, marketing campaigns or market research analyses – all kinds of advertising communication can work well in one sales market, but can have the complete opposite effect in another one. Any incorrectly localised text can have harmful consequences for you and your company’s image. This must be prevented with profound eloquence, art of writing and language register. We, as international communication experts, provide you with not only localisation but also transcreation of your message for a target market.

Law, Economics & Finance

The production of specialist translations for the public and private sector, be it for justice, finance or economics, goes hand in hand with strict discretion and data protection. Reliance plays an overriding role for this particular sector. Institutions such as the European Commission, the Prosecutor General‘s Office, the Police and the Central Bank of Lithuania have been entrusting us with the translation of official documents in hundreds of language combinations. This makes us proud, but we are aware of our high level of responsibility.