Since 2007 we have been fostering international companies with innovative language solutions and modern technologies. Today we are one of the leading service providers for translation and localisation in Northern Europe. Our aim is to support you in expanding your business activities worldwide and to help strengthen your competitiveness. Precisely, effectively and no matter how complex your project may be. You can take our word for it!


  • I. Our linguists translate exclusively into their mother tongue. Only in this way is it possible to capture even the smallest cultural nuances of languages.
  • II. We use innovative technologies for translation and localisation. In order to ensure the consistency of texts and a smooth workflow of language projects, we use cutting-edge translation and localisation software such as computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, translation management systems (TMS), quality assurance (QA) tools and desktop publishing (DTP) programs.
  • III. Our personal commitment to quality applies word for word. All our services are provided in accordance with ISO 17100, the International Quality Standard for Translation Services. We also apply the same standard when selecting freelancers and inhouse employees.
  • IV. Our lips are sealed. We protect your data from prying eyes and ears. In addition to secure data transfer, our user-friendly Client Portal and non-disclosure agreements, we stand by your side with discreet consultations at any time.
  • V. We weigh each and every one of your words on a golden scale. The more repeated or similar segments we find in your documents, the greater your discount and the lower the final price will be.


Our roots are in Lithuania, more precisely in Vilnius, a multilingual hot spot of Europe. Do not worry, “nobody knows where it is, but when you find it – it’s amazing.”

There are only a few cities in Europe where such high linguistic diversity can be found. Local and foreign companies from all over the world, as well as global players such as Western Union, Continental and Thermo Fischer have long known about the benefits of working in Lithuania and offer their services in dozens of languages.

Did you know that Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages on the planet?

Today there are only four million native Lithuanian speakers left worldwide. This makes us somewhat unique, but meanwhile also a bit of a rarity. Linguistics are therefore one of our greatest passions and talents. Almost every Lithuanian speaks several foreign languages. The country’s electronic infrastructure is one of the most advanced in, even among the best in the world. In fulfilling the business requirements for information technology, we are the international leader and European market leader in bandwidth and fibre-optic infrastructure. High speed internet and digital innovations here are second to none!

In other words: EUROTRADUS delivers to you professional service and high-quality translations – from the hearts and hands of language talents and digital virtuosos.

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania