Translation and localisation servicesThe services that EUROTRADUS provides are translation, localisation and interpretation. We pay particular attention to quality. Translations are done in strict conformity with the requirements of ISO 17100, the International Quality Standard for Translation Services. Texts are translated and revised. The revision is performed by a language specialist or another translator, and if necessary, an expert in the subject field is consulted or asked to check the text. We uphold the essential principle that professional translators only translate into their native language. We ensure the consistency of texts by using translation memory and terminology management software. If required by the client or the nature of the project, conversion or DTP services are provided. A final quality control check is done before delivering the document to the client. In addition, translated and revised texts are regularly checked by the senior translator responsible for quality, who fills in special forms to ensure that every requirement has been followed. This is how we continuously control the quality of our translators’ and revisers’ work.

Localisation is the translation and adaptation of a text for a particular country and culture. We localise computer software, internet websites, user manuals, advertising material, etc.

We provide interpreting services (consecutive and simultaneous interpreting) for meetings at any level – from private conversations and business meetings to the highest Government level conferences.