How does a modern translation agency work

In cooperation with Lithuanian universities, EUROTRADUS – a translation and localisation company – continues a series of lectures about modern translation technologies. In February 2018, EUROTRADUS representatives presented the way modern translation agencies operate to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Vilnius University. Students were acquainted with project management systems and computer-assisted translation tools, requirements of the ISO 17100 standard for translation services, and the peculiarities of translation work for agencies and translators. Moreover, this year, as every year, 6 students have joined EUROTRADUS for an internship.

EUROTRADUS: modern technologies support export to foreign markets

EUROTRADUS translation and localisation company shared its experience in using modern technologies with business people in different regions of Lithuania. In March–November 2017, Dainius Sabaliauskas, CEO of EUROTRADUS, did presentations at the VERSLO GAZELĖ (BUSINESS GAZELLE) conferences in the cities of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus, Utena and Telšiai. In addition, he spoke to regional business leaders on aspects of cooperation with clients and partners across the globe, differences between languages and cultures, and the importance of professional translation and localisation for the export of goods and services to foreign markets and the expansion of international business. These conferences are hosted by Verslo Žinios (Business News), a major business news portal and newspaper in Lithuania.

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CEO of Eurotradus has been elected President of the Association of Lithuanian Translation Companies

On 29 September 2017, Dainius Sabaliauskas, the CEO of Eurotradus translation and localisation company, has been elected President of the Association of Lithuanian Translation Companies.

Eurotradus workshop for lecturers of Lithuanian universities

As CAT tools have become an integral part of the global translation market, all translation professionals should be able to use them. In its continuous collaboration with Lithuanian higher education institutions, the Eurotradus translation company has always given extra weight to the importance of technologies. Eurotradus invited lecturers from major Lithuanian universities to a practical workshop intended to shed some light on the usage of web-based CAT tools. On 24 January 2017, representatives of Vilnius University, Kaunas University of Technology and Mykolas Romeris University participated in the workshop. They quickly learnt the principles of modern CAT tools and undertook to apply them for lectures and homework. Workshop participants were able to witness that one can learn how to use a CAT tool in just a matter of several hours. The main advantage of web-based CAT tools is that they work in a web browser without even needing to be installed on a computer, which makes it very easy for students to translate – no matter where they are, no matter what device they use.





Eurotradus Shared Its Technology Experience with the Heads of Business Companies

4 October 2016, Vilnius. At the “Technopelnas 2016” conference, the CEO of the EUROTRADUS translation company shared his practical experience of using modern technologies in daily business.

In our work with international clients and the world’s leading technology companies, we are always in step with the most advanced technologies. We implement large-scale and complex projects using modern project management and translation memory systems which optimise our processes, save time, and reduce costs.

The “Technopelnas 2016” (Technoprofit 2016) conference held by Verslo Žinios, a leading business news portal and newspaper, invited the heads of small and medium-sized enterprises. The event was intended to show the potential of information technologies to business companies, reveal what’s new in the field, and introduce the most high-tech companies in Lithuania. The event is a venue to gain practical insights from the representatives of the savviest companies that invest in technology solutions.



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EUROTRADUS – Gazelle 2015

Eurotradus translation agency is among the most successful and fastest growing companies in Lithuania. Prestigious Gazelle Nominations and Awards are presented by the leading Lithuanian business newspaper Verslo Žinios (‘Business News’) together with the State Tax Authority, which also means that the companies are distinguished by their business transparency.


Introducing students to the daily routine of the translation business

In 2015, EUROTRADUS familiarized future graduates with the latest trends in the translation market. We organized lectures and workshops in the three biggest Lithuanian universities. Now we have moved one step forward, inviting students to visit us.

Students of Vilnius University and Kaunas Technology University were invited to come to our office in Vilnius. We discussed the profession of the translator in general: flexibility, existing stereotypes, finding an appropriate balance between translation speed and quality and selection procedures for translators.

The importance of technologies in today’s translation business was emphasized. We presented a modern process of project management and talked about quality requirements for translation services. Needless to say, we introduced students to Computer-Assisted Translation tools, Quality Assurance tools and Machine Translation software. The students were encouraged to use the translation technologies from the very beginning of their studies.

Moreover, this year we accepted five students for internship in our company.

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EUROTRADUS’ new approach to the translation business

The leading Lithuanian business newspaper Verslo žinios (‘Business News’) published an article about the EUROTRADUS translation company in Lithuania. In this article we present our modern translation processes, the latest translation and project management technologies and our quality assurance system. We share our experience of consulting other exporting companies about cross-cultural differences that need to be respected when communicating with customers worldwide, and when developing marketing strategies and brand names.

For more information please follow the link: Technologies in the modern translation business (the article is published in Lithuanian).

Forum for Lithuanian Translators

The EUROTRADUS translation agency together with the Association of Lithuanian Translation Companies launched a Forum for Lithuanian Translators.

Eurotradus‘ initiative has attracted international attention

Globalization and Localization Association GALA has published an article about cooperation between the Eurotradus translation company and Lithuanian universities. The article mentions an issue that is a common problem these days: the gap between university curricula and business needs. The Lithuanian translation company Eurotradus has decided to take responsibility and change the situation by sharing its knowledge with Lithuanian students and lecturers. For more information see the GALA article Working with Universities – Investing in the Future.